Sanitation Fund: Street Damage Reimbursement

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

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In 2003 the City of Kelso completed a street condition survey that revealed a serious street repair need. To address the issue a 13 year overlay plan was developed and adopted (exhibit A). The plan required an annual expenditure of $400,000 with the goal to keep all street Pavement Condition Index ratings (PCI) above 50. Full funding has not yet occurred, but progress is being made each year.

Within the City of Kelso there are five roadway classifications: Principal Arterials, Minor Arterials, Major Collectors, Minor Collectors, and Local Residential Roads. The State Highway maintains the state routes (Principal Arterials) and only provides partial federal funding for other federal functionally classified routes. That excludes state funding opportunities for local residential streets. Therefore, Local residential Kelso streets are maintained with limited General Fund and Gas Tax revenues.

Residential local streets are the major concern of this analysis. The City began an audit of where the costs should be appropriately and legitimately appropriated. During a review of the main contributors of road wear, sanitation trucks were uniquely identified. Under RCW 43.09.210 it became clear that the city has a duty to transfer funds upon notice of the cost/damage attendant with garbage collection. Therefore, it became apparent that the sanitation fund must compensate the Street Fund for its obvious and quantifiable contribution to the street damage.

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