Talley Way Corridor Study

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

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Version: June 2009


The intent of this document is to guide the City of Kelso in planning, designing, and constructing multi-modal transportation improvements in the Talley Way corridor area. This document looks at the following items and provides overall review and guidance:

  • Traffic Data: Review the available traffic data and provide a recommendation for lane
  • configuration.
  • Access Management: Provide guidance for implementing the City’s access
  • management plan.
  • Roadway Typical Section: Review a typical section consistent with a minor arterial
  • roadway section.
  • Bridge Assessment: Review the existing bridge and examine replacement or widening
  • of the structure.
  • Stormwater Management: Determine the necessary steps to develop a stormwater
  • management plan.
  • Budgets: Develop project budget and schedules for corridor improvements.
  • Funding Strategies: Develop funding strategies for corridor improvements.

As the roadway improvements occur along this corridor, the implementation strategies developed in this document will need to be revised and updated to accurately reflect the current situation. These strategies and guidelines are not static. The assumptions and guidelines will need to be revised and updated accordingly as the corridor develops or if this project is developed in multiple phases. In other words this document cannot be considered the final solution or answer given the revolving nature of project needs including: funding requirements, environmental changes, property development along the corridor, and other unforeseen items.

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