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Pre-Application Conference Request(97.94 KB) 07/27/2017
2018 Legislative Agenda(393.36 KB) 11/29/2017
Official Zoning Map(581.33 KB) 02/12/2018
City of Kelso Website Privacy Policy & Terms of Use Disclaimer(352.29 KB) 02/20/2018
City of Kelso Online Payment Refund Policy(197.53 KB) 02/20/2018
Gutter Transition Section(170.48 KB) 02/23/2018
Bioretention Curb Extension Plan(243.73 KB) 02/23/2018
Storm Drain General Notes(287.17 KB) 02/23/2018
Beehive Outlet Structure(340.36 KB) 02/23/2018
Side Curb Cut(168.94 KB) 02/23/2018
Inlet/Outlet for Curb Extensions(174.14 KB) 02/23/2018
Bioretention Planter(238.5 KB) 02/23/2018
Planter Wall(197.9 KB) 02/23/2018
Catch Basin Type 1L(257.98 KB) 02/23/2018
Ditch Inlet(268.65 KB) 02/23/2018
Bioretention Curb Extension Planting Plan(340.36 KB) 02/23/2018
Curb Inlet(161.93 KB) 02/23/2018