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Get involved in the Allen Street Corridor Transportation Study!

Join us for an open house

We’ll share more about the study’s purpose, goals, and process, hear your input to inform our existing conditions analysis and alternatives development processes, and be available to talk with you and answer your questions. We hope to see you there!

WHEN: May 23, 5:30 to 7 p.m.

WHERE: Kelso City Hall, Council Chambers, 203 S Pacific Ave, Kelso, WA 98626

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We need to hear your experiences, challenges, and needs to understand existing conditions, develop alternatives that address the challenges, and identify a preferred alternative that meets the needs of the City of Kelso, WSDOT, and the community.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a public hearing will be held by the City of Kelso City Council in the council chambers, Kelso City Hall, on Tuesday, May 16th at 6 pm.

The purpose of the public hearing is to review community development and housing needs, inform citizens of the availability of funds and eligible uses of the state Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), and receive comments on proposed activities, particularly from lower income persons residing in the West Kelso area.

Up to $2,000,000 may be available to the City of Kelso on a statewide competitive basis to fund public facility, community facility, economic development, planning and affordable housing projects that principally benefit low- and moderate-income persons.


An outline of the proposed projects will be available for review at no charge from Community Development, Kelso City Hall, 203 S. Pacific, Kelso WA. The public is invited to comment on this proposed project with written comments no later than 4:30 on May 16, 2023.  Comments should be addressed to Community Development, Kelso City Hall, 203 S. Pacific, Kelso WA. 98626 or by email to


The council chambers is handicap accessible. Arrangements to reasonably accommodate special needs accessibility or interpreter will be made upon receiving 24-hour advance notice.

The City of Kelso is working closely with WSDOT to study potential improvements to Allen Street that will improve safety and mobility. Our goals are to understand what contributes to traffic and congestion in the area, what challenges users of the corridor face, and identify potential solutions to improve conditions and safety for all users. The study area includes the segment of Allen Street between South 8th Avenue and North 17th Avenue, portions of Minor Road and South Kelso Drive, and the I-5 freeway ramps associated with these segments.

Throughout the study process, we will ask people who live, work and travel through the area for input to inform our understanding of what contributes to traffic and congestion in the area and help us identify potential solutions. The City of Kelso encourages everyone to participate in this process.

For more information download our Allen Street Corridor Transportation Study Informational Flyer

Regular City Council Meeting: Kelso City Council Chambers 203 S. Pacific Ave at 6:00 pm Tuesday, June 6th, 2023. 

If you wish to make a general comment/question, please fill out the comment form by 5:00 pm Tuesday, June 6th, 2023  

If you wish to attend the Council Meeting via Zoom please contact Jessica Bronstein at 360-577-3379 or by email to no later than 12:00 pm Tuesday, June 6th, 2023 

To view council agenda items and other legislative-related information, you can visit our BoardDocs site here:  For additional information concerning BoardDocs, please visit

Request for Volunteers

Project Advisory Committee for City of Kelso Development Code Update

The City of Kelso is seeking volunteers from the community to serve on a Project Advisory Committee for their upcoming Code Update. 

Volunteers should have experience working in building, development or real estate industry. Architects, planners, developers, builders and real estate agents are highly desired.
The Project Advisory Committee will give input about local development conditions, the Kelso community, project objectives and potential issues for users.
Members would be expected to attend up to 3 meetings and review draft materials.

If interested send an email to with a simple description of your experience, a short explanation of why you are interested and your contact information.

Business and Occupations Tax Return blank forms are available online if you wish immediate access.  Forms will be mailed out soon.  Please contact if you have further questions.

Special City Council Meeting: Kelso City Council Chambers 203 S. Pacific Ave at 4:30 pm Monday, December 5, 2022. 

Kelso Highlander Festival Board Meeting: Kelso City Executive Room 203 S. Pacific Ave at 5:00 pm Monday, November 14, 2022.

The City of Kelso is requesting proposals from qualified firms and teams to provide land use application review services for the City of Kelso. See Requests for Proposal on the Planning Department Page.

The City of Kelso is requesting proposals from qualified firms and teams to provide a review and update of their planning and zoning codes. See Requests for Proposal on the Planning Department Page.

The City of Kelso, in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, commits to nondiscrimination on the basis of disability, in all its programs and activities.  This RFP can be made available in an alternate format by emailing Mike Murray at or by calling 360-916-4640.



The Lodging Tax Committee will be meeting at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 28, 2022, in Council Chambers at 203 S. Pacific Ave to discuss the applications received for allocation of 2023 Lodging Tax Funds.  

For more information, please contact Jessica Bronstein at or by phone at 360-577-3379