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State of the City(3.79 MB)
Storm Drain General Notes(287.17 KB) 02/23/2018
Stormwater Capital Recovery Charge(218.07 KB) 02/02/2015
Stormwater Management Plan Phase I(10.38 MB) 04/11/2012
Stormwater Management Plan Phase II(35.46 MB) 04/12/2012
TRRWA Pretreatment Policy(292 KB) 07/13/2012
Talley Way Corridor Study(1.86 MB) 04/12/2012
Teamsters Collective Bargaining Agreement(1.49 MB) 03/20/2020
Trench Drain to Bioretention Facility(233.85 KB) 02/23/2018
Utility Account Closure Form(151.22 KB) 04/20/2021
Variance Application Checklist(323.92 KB) 02/14/2013
Vision Statement and Guiding Principles(277.48 KB) 12/09/2015
Water Quality Report - 2023(486.19 KB) 03/12/2024
Water Quality Report 2008(107.57 KB) 01/01/2008
Water Quality Report 2009(120.99 KB) 01/01/2009
Water Quality Report 2010(121.91 KB) 01/01/2010