Current Development Projects

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South Kelso Railroad Crossing

The City of Kelso is proposing a railroad overpass at Hazel Street and the BNSF rail line. Below is the SEPA checklist and supporting documents. A cultural resources report was done but is not available for public distribution as per RCW 42.56.300. Comments must be submitted to the City here in Community Development no later than 4 PM on January 17th. Only written comments can be taken. Please follow the directions for submitting comments found in the SEPA checklist distribution slip.

Headstart Facility at Barnes Elementary School

Lower Columbia College and the Kelso School District are partnering to add a larger Headstart facility at Barnes Elementary School, 401 Barnes Street, Kelso. The new modular will be approximately 5,000 square feet in size and have an additional 14 off street parking spaces as well as an off street drop off and pick up for the kids. Parties wishing to comment on the Notice of Application or Environmental Checklist must do so in writing by 4:30pm December 6, 2018. Please follow the directions within in the Notice of Application on how to submit comments. Only written comments can be taken.